Woodburning Fireplaces


44 Elite Wood Fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair

High Efficiency or “Green” Fireplaces


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This area of fireplaces fits the person who desires to self-sufficiency of wood, but doesn’t want to work so hard endlessly adding wood to keep the fire going. Most of the high efficient units specialize in long burn times (5-10 hours on one load of wood) and, of coarse, high numbers on the efficiency side. This means packing and burning less wood. Current units, unlike their predecessors, can burn keeping the glass clean, and distribute large volumes of heat, many times for the entire home.   Theses units also produce great “clean” numbers for the environment!

Brentwood Wood Fireplaceby Lennox

Brentwood Wood Fireplaceby Lennox

Renaisance Wood Fireplace

Renaisance Wood Fireplace

44 Elite Woodburning Fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair

44 Elite Wood Fireplaceby Fireplace Xtrordinair

Ladera Wood Fireplace by Lennox

Ladera Wood Fireplaceby Lennox

Villa Vista Wood Fireplace by Lennox

Villa Vista Wood Fireplaceby Lennox

Montecito by Lennox

Montecito Wood Fireplaceby Lennox



Estate Wood Fireplace by Lennox

Large Viewing Area


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This category of wood burning fireplaces make a cozy focal point for your room. If you have a large room where a small fireplace just won’t work, we have some great options! All the way from oversized the monster 54″ Estate. There are so many ways to finish out your fireplace; with tile, rock, or brick surrounds, with a mantle, glass doors, and you can even customize the interior. The flue system is versatile. Your fireplace doesn’t have to be ugly or little. Let us help fit the unit to your taste. Add gas for easy way to start your fires, or to easily add gas logs in the future. There are many things to think about- we can help!

Renaisance Wood Fireplace

Renaisance Wood Fireplace

Estate by Lennox

Estate Wood Fireplaceby Lennox


LBR by Lennox

Builder and Custom Builder


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We keep the builder and custom builder box in stock because sometimes space and budget are priority. You can get a functional builder box without having to worry about someone cutting corners. All of our fireboxes are insulated and help to limit cold air seeping in from the fireplace, which is a common problem in track home installations. Smaller chimney allows more versatility and allows the fireplace to fit in your planned space. You still have a lot of options for a builder box; sizes, glass doors, outside air Ask us! We’ll be glad to answer your questions and show you your options.

RD Insulated Wood Fireplace by Lennox

RD Insulated Wood Fireplaceby Lennox

LBR by Lennox

LBR Wood Fireplaceby Lennox


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