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Safety is important for every wood burning stove and fireplace project. We’re experts! We’ve been installing wood stoves and fireplaces since 1979.


Wood Burning Stoves Never Looked Better.

There is nothing as comforting as the look, smell and feel of a fire from a wood burning stove. It has a soothing heat and aesthetic glow while generating a relaxing warmth within your home that is unique and unlike any other kind of home heating method. Even better, wood burning stoves lower your heating cost. Wood stoves are returning in popularity thanks to recent research and development by stove manufacturers to make cleaner burning and more energy efficient stoves. Porcelain, soapstone, and cast iron are a few of the materials that are used to create functional and simply beautiful wood stoves. Wood stoves come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and applications. Both traditional and contemporary European wood stoves are making a comeback because of their stylish designs and efficiency.

Your wood burning stove will become a focal point in your home. Be sure to spend the time necessary to choose the right stove based what your expectations are for your stove’s performance, along with the look and feel that you want to project in your indoor spaces. Our professional staff can help you narrow down your search for finding the perfect wood stove for your home!


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