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When it comes to fireplaces and stoves there are many factors and variables to consider. The fire, natural or LP gas – or even electricity – that can create the focus of warmth and ambiance for your living area can become a danger to your home. We do not take this lightly. Safety is important for every wood burning stove and fireplace project.

We invest a great deal of time, effort and money in ongoing training for our technicians to make certain that they are up to date on the latest technology and safety hazards in our industry. Combine this investment with over 30 years of experience and it’s easy to understand why customers come from all over Central Texas to get advice from our fireplace experts.

We know that the cheapest options from cookie cutter stores and uninformed do-it-yourself installations can sometimes cost you more in the long run. Too many times we have cleaned up behind poor choices and sloppy installations. We also hear the horror stories from our connections in the industry from all over the country – those stories of loss of property and life caused by unsafe and uninformed handling of fireplace and stove fuels. We truly want you to find the product that you want at a price you can afford. Even more we want to help you make a safe choice.

You wouldn’t go on a jungle safari without a guide. This business is just as hazardous. We encourage you to let us guide you through the important decisions of purchasing, installing and operating your fireplace or stove.

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