If you are looking for a large stove the Hearthstone Equinox has quality soapstone styling.  The thick massiveness of the soapstone delivers extra hours, over and beyond conventional cast and steel stoves.  The marbled and granite appearance of soapstone adds to the  natural yet eloquent style of any home.  It is sure to become an heirloom.  The stove features side loading up to 12 hours of heating on a load of wood, giant 4.0 cubic inch firebox, accepts 25″ lengths of wood, up to 120,ooo BTU’s, 32×24 inch flat top surface heating, up to 3500 squ  feet(qualified area), 6″ chimney.  No enamel finished units due to size and thermal expansion- translate lots of heat!  Not for everyone but if you have big heating needs with hansom looks taste come see!