Helpful Information for Smooth Shopping Experiences and Service Requests

Here are some helpful links to worksheets and videos that you may find helpful.

Before you shop with us…

If you are planning to update or make a purchase for an existing fireplace, it will be helpful for you to have the most accurate measurements and information possible so that we can provide the fastest and best service that we can for you. The link below will take you to our Fireplace Measurement Worksheet. You may download and print this worksheet to help you prepare to shop or make a purchase. If you need additional help, please feel free to call us at 512-863-8574 or send us an email.

Fireplace Measurement Worksheet

Before you call for service…

If you are making a call to request service, there are a few questions we will be asking to help expedite your request. Please remember that during the colder months, it is our busy season and we are handling hundreds of requests. We make every attempt to answer service calls within 2 business days of receiving a request. If we are able to walk you through an issue over the phone, we will make every effort to do that. If you call, it is helpful to be prepared to answer the questions on this worksheet. Those questions highlighted in yellow are very important.

Service Request Worksheet

You may also make a request for service online here.

Because we take safety and service very seriously, we prioritize service for our customers and the products that we sell. We know our own products very well and we keep parts on hand. We do schedule service for outside clients; however, you may be put on a waiting list. This is how we prioritize our service calls…

1. Products purchased from Georgetown Fireplace & Patio

2. Products of brands sold at Georgetown Fireplace & Patio

3. Located in our local service area and installed by a reputable company.

Since this is one of our most common issues, here is a helpful video on How to Light a Pilot.